Commercial Car Services and Repairs in Greater Manchester

As well as providing essential car services and repairs for our domestic customers, we deliver the same high standard of care to our commercial clients across the North West and beyond. Whether you are a sole trader with a single works van, or a major corporation with a fleet of commercial vehicles, Bardsleys will provide an exceptional service, whenever you need us.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Greater Manchester

Any commercial vehicle operating on the public road must under go a safety inspection at set intervals these can range from 6-12 weeks dependent on your operators licence agreement. We are able to offer commercial vehicle inspections to suit your needs, all customers benefiting from our online inspection sheet platform R2C, enabling you to access your inspection sheets anywhere any time.

Car Suspension Issue

MOT & MOT Preparation Services in Greater Manchester

Most commercial vehicles need to undergo their MOT test at a designated DVSA site. However, we can help you maximise your chances of passing by conducting a pre-MOT inspection. Should we discover any problems with the vehicle, we can correct them before you undergo the MOT.

We undertake Class 7 MOT’s for all our customers vehicles here on-site at our commercial vehicle testing facility.


Commercial Vehicle Servicing in Greater Manchester

We provide an in-depth servicing solution for all commercial vehicles. We check all key components to ensure they are working with maximum efficiency. This includes everything from the engines and gearbox to the hydraulics, electrical system, and more. We also changed your oil and other liquids for optimal performance.

Commercial Vehicle Repairs in Greater Manchester

Whatever kind of commercial vehicle you drive, you can be sure of a fast and effective repair service here at Bardsleys. We have been fixing every type of commercial vehicle for decades now, fixing everything from minor bodywork blemishes to major mechanical or electrical faults. Our experienced mechanics are quick to identify any faults.

Commercial Vehicle Collection Available Nationwide

If your vehicle is not road-legal, we can collect and deliver it for you nationwide. From construction vehicles and equipment, to uninsured vehicles straight off the factory floor, to vehicles that have been damaged and are no longer roadworthy, we have the transport trucks and equipment to collect them all.
Mechanics discussing car test results

Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics in Greater Manchester

Much like our private customers, commercial vehicles sometimes perform below expectations with no visible signs of fault. We run a detailed diagnostic check on your vehicle, using a range of tools that plug directly into your Engine Control Unit (ECU). From here we can run the figures and find out what is ailing your vehicle. Not only that, we can use the data to work out the best way to resolve the issue.

Pre-Return Inspection Services in Greater Manchester

If you are hiring a vehicle from a lease company, you may want an independent, third party inspection before returning it, to ensure everything is in the same condition as when you began your lease. We perform a detailed check of your lease vehicle, providing you with a full report.

Any Make or Model

No matter what make, model, or type of vehicle you operate, our team of highly-trained and experienced mechanics know what they are doing. In the decades they have been part of the automotive business they have worked on all manner of vehicle. We can service and repair any vehicle: car, van, or motorhome; manual or automatic transmission; petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid – we can handle them all.

Your Local Commercial Vehicle Service Centre

Our commercial vehicle service centre can be found in Atherton, Greater Manchester. We welcome commercial clients from across the North West region, including those from Liverpool, Warrington, Lancashire, Merseyside, and beyond.


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